oak apples.

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    I'm Jamie; an incurably-curious, hopelessly-idealistic, vegetarian, polyglot-ish plant scientist at Cambridge. I spend too much time listening to music, wandering around the countryside, and eating apples.

    penchants: forest walks, benjamin britten, mediaeval history & literature, eastern philosophy, obscure tea blends, copperplate, twilight by the sea, quantum mechanics, thunderstorms, fruit trees, early music, dragonflies, postcards, underground railways, gardening, vapour trails, tiny art galleries, volcanic islands, moths, Virginia Woolf, gin cocktails, travel journals, mountain air, handwriting, continental cinema, bow ties, Lebanese food, historical linguistics, archery, all things Icelandic, & bitter-sweet lemonade.
    Thank you for stopping by; do say hello.

    The beach airport on the isle of Barra in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. This is the only place in the world where scheduled flights use a beach as the runway.

    9 months ago

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      My daughter-in-law is a stewardess with Flybe. Need tae blag some tickets for this flight..
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      The beach airport on the isle of Barra in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. This is the only place in the world where scheduled...
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