oak apples.

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    I'm Jamie; an incurably-curious, hopelessly-idealistic, vegetarian, polyglot-ish plant scientist at Cambridge. I spend too much time listening to music, wandering around the countryside, and eating apples.

    penchants: forest walks, benjamin britten, mediaeval history & literature, eastern philosophy, obscure tea blends, copperplate, twilight by the sea, quantum mechanics, thunderstorms, fruit trees, early music, dragonflies, postcards, underground railways, gardening, vapour trails, tiny art galleries, volcanic islands, moths, Virginia Woolf, gin cocktails, travel journals, mountain air, handwriting, continental cinema, bow ties, Lebanese food, historical linguistics, archery, all things Icelandic, & bitter-sweet lemonade.
    Thank you for stopping by; do say hello.

    Harry and David Rich are brothers and landscape designers from the Brecon Beacons in Wales. Having won Best in Show for a garden at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Cardiff Flower Show, they decided this year to enter the fiercest horticultural competition in the world: the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, in London. (Oh, how I wish I could be there this year like I was last year.) Their Chelsea garden, entered under the ‘artisanal’ category, is named Un Garreg (Welsh for ‘One Stone’), and draws heavily on the mountainous Welsh landscapes in which the brothers grew up. All the stone in the garden is derived from a single boulder of sandstone found at a quarry near their home. In keeping with their ‘natural’ ethos, Harry and David did not artificially manipulate the growth of their plants in any way; a brave decision, given the terrible winter that Britain emerged from only very recently! Un Garreg was today awarded a Gold Medal by the Chelsea judges. How incredible it must be to have a sibling with whom one shares a passion and a goal, and with whom one could collaborate to create such beautiful things. My relationship with my own brother is certainly rather different!

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