oak apples.

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    I'm Jamie; an incurably-curious, hopelessly-idealistic, vegetarian, polyglot-ish plant scientist at Cambridge. I spend too much time listening to music, wandering around the countryside, and eating apples.

    penchants: forest walks, benjamin britten, mediaeval history & literature, eastern philosophy, obscure tea blends, copperplate, twilight by the sea, quantum mechanics, thunderstorms, fruit trees, early music, dragonflies, postcards, underground railways, gardening, vapour trails, tiny art galleries, volcanic islands, moths, Virginia Woolf, gin cocktails, travel journals, mountain air, handwriting, continental cinema, bow ties, Lebanese food, historical linguistics, archery, all things Icelandic, & bitter-sweet lemonade.
    Thank you for stopping by; do say hello.

    Anonymous asked: Hi Jamie. Does Jack have Spanish descent? He looks rather tanned, but I may be deceived!

    Ha, a perennial question. But no- no Spanish alleles, as far as I’m aware! Just English and Polish.

    Just in case the bluebells from last weekend weren’t enough for you.

    Jack exploring the Bradfield Woods.

    The Early-purple Orchid, Orchis mascula.

    Wood Spurge.

    Wood Spurge.

    Oxlip, an East Anglian speciality.

    Oxlip, an East Anglian speciality.



    Anemones under hazel coppice in the Bradfield Woods, Suffolk. There are records of coppicing activity here dating to as far back as the mid-13th century.

    Anonymous asked: Are you single?

    No, I have a boyfriend.

    Details of the extraordinary (and gigantic!) 16th-century estate map hanging in the Great Hall at Melford Hall, Suffolk.

    Transcription of the text:

    "A Plotteforme of all and synguler the Mannors Londs Tenements and other hereditaments percell of the possessions of the right worshipfull Sir William Cordell Knight Master of the Rowles sette lyinge and beinge within ye precincts bowndes circuitts and lymytts of ye Parishes of Longe Melforde, Sudburye, Acton, Lavenham, Alpheton, Shymplyng and Stansted in ye County of Suffolke:- In which plotteforme moste playnelye is described and sett downe ye true exacte and perfit proporcons and fygures aswell of every ye said Londes and Tenements whatsoever which in ye compas of ye sayde paryshe of Longe Melforde and of all suche also as lye in any of ye residue of ye sayde parishes bowndynge and buttynge Uppon any of ye possessions of ye saide Sir William Cordell. Which saide plotteforme is sette downe by ye Scale of an Inche deuided into Twentye partes by ye Industrye and Traualye of Israell Amyce of Barkynge in ye Countie of Essex gentleman in ye yere of ye Reigne of oure Lorde God 1580, and in ye Twentye and one yere of ye Reigne of our souereigne Lady Elizabeth by ye grace of God Quene of England Fraunse and Irlond Defender of ye Faithe &c."