oak apples.

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  • How do you do?
    I'm Jamie; an incurably-curious, hopelessly-idealistic, vegetarian, polyglot-ish plant scientist at Cambridge. I spend too much time listening to music, wandering around the countryside, and eating apples.

    penchants: forest walks, benjamin britten, mediaeval history & literature, eastern philosophy, obscure tea blends, copperplate, twilight by the sea, quantum mechanics, thunderstorms, fruit trees, early music, dragonflies, postcards, underground railways, gardening, vapour trails, tiny art galleries, volcanic islands, moths, Virginia Woolf, gin cocktails, travel journals, mountain air, handwriting, continental cinema, bow ties, Lebanese food, historical linguistics, archery, all things Icelandic, & bitter-sweet lemonade.
    Thank you for stopping by; do say hello.

    Anonymous asked: are u atheist?

    The simplified answer is yes. That will do for now; I’m afraid I’m not in an especially expansive mood this evening.

    Bromelibungle stomata and vasculature from some staining I did today.

    Well, today has been thoroughly awful from start to finish. (Not that it’s actually finished; I’m still in the lab.) Ugh. Can’t wait to be living with Jack so I can go home to him in the evenings.

    Anonymous asked: You're adorable. A scientist batting off the evangelists from your blog, perhaps onto your new one..? Churches always lure me with their emanating age-old layers of frankincense. Their quietness.

    Well, they’re welcome to visit either blog, so long as they realise that they will make no conversions here. But yes, churches can be very peaceful places, as well as being full of fascinating historical and architectural detail. Ironically, given the mention of evangelism, my favourite churches in England are actually those that operate in the Low Church tradition. I find the strongly Protestant æsthetic much more appealing than that of Anglo-Catholicism/the Oxford Movement.

    Anonymous asked: Your answer to anons are literally the my favorite thing on tumblr, also I have to say you're really an inspiring person!

    Ha, well, thank you!

    Anonymous asked: 😍😍😍😍Your face is perfection 😍😍😍😍


    The downside of living near an old mill pond: mosquitoes in almost tropical quantities. Time to hide under my duvet.

    Mediæval painting of Time- wielding scythe, hourglass, and spade- in the Church of St Issui, Patrishow, Wales.

    Mediæval painting of Time- wielding scythe, hourglass, and spade- in the Church of St Issui, Patrishow, Wales.

    Cwm Bychan, Gwynedd. Rwy’n caru Cymru, mmmm.

    Cwm Bychan, Gwynedd. Rwy’n caru Cymru, mmmm.